News about the Feline Vaccine Shortage 2023

News about the Feline Vaccine Shortage 2023

Due to manufacturer supply problems, there is currently a critical shortage of feline vaccines in Australia. This situation is expected to last until early 2024.
The Port Vet team have been working hard to obtain as many doses of feline vaccines as possible to help address this shortage.

However, we anticipate that these quantities may still be insufficient to vaccinate all our patients who are normally due over this shortage period.
In order to ensure the greatest community benefit from the limited vaccine supply available, we will be implementing a temporary change to our vaccination protocols.

* From now until early next year, our focus will be ensuring that previously unvaccinated kittens are prioritised.

* Adult cats deemed to be at higher risk, such as those who are immunocompromised or entering environments such as boarding catteries over Christmas will be given priority also.

* All other healthy adult cats who are due for vaccinations during this time will be delayed until stock supplies are returned to normal, which is is estimated to be Feb / Mar 2024.

We thank you for your understanding during this challenging time. If you have questions or concerns about this vaccination shortage, please contact our friendly staff.
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