About Us


Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital has provided veterinary care to the region continuously since 1971.

We are a privately owned practice run by Dr Chris Livingston, Dr Tim Reed and Paula Reed, and we are committed to delivering the best care for all of the animals that pass through our doors.

Our hospital is centrally located in Port Macquarie on Gordon Street, and we are often known as the vet with the "leopard up the palm tree". 

We consider our doctors and nurses to be the best in the business, and without our wonderful staff, we cease to be a practice at all. Everyone here has a genuine and caring nature, and they turn up to work because they love the work that they do.

Our belief is that our commitment and dedication translates into a wonderful experience for you and, most importantly, your animals.

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Please meet our wonderful team.


Dr Chris Livingston

BVSc (Hons), DVCS, MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery) 

Partner / Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Tim Reed

Dr Kim Maitland


Veterinary Surgeon


Dr Alisa Alden

BVSc (Hons)

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Tara Summerhayes

BVSc (Hons)

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Charlotte Thomson

BVSc (Hons)

Veterinary Surgeon


Paula Reed

Dawn Gyford

Kylie Borham

Nurse Manager / Veterinary Nurse

Jemma Crosbie


Don Haldane

Veterinary Nurse

Michelle Jurkow

Kimberley Hillier

Veterinary Nurse

Ruby Knight

Rachael Bednarz

Haylee Shepherd

Shannon Hennessy

Veterinary Nurse


Emmah Smith

Veterinary Nurse

Toby Williams

Veterinary Nurse

Sam Boswell

Veterinary Nurse

Michaela Blanch

Animal Attendant

Alexis Willis

Animal Attendant

Jazmin Harris

Kennel Hand