Pet Information Sheets

We have created a collection of information sheets for new and existing clients to read. Please browse through the various categories. 


Pre-operative care how to prepare your pet for a procedure

Post-operative care - for recovery following a routine surgery under general anaesthetic. 

Post-surgical care for TPLO and TTA surgery - for recovery following a TPLO or TTA cruciate repair surgery. 

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) - anaesthetic risks and complications. 

Dentistry - tips on preventing periodontal disease.

Recovery after tick paralysis - post hospitalisation caresheet for tick paralysis.

Puppy Health Care Sheet - general information for caring for a new puppy. 

Kitten Health Care Sheet - general information for caring for a new kitten. 

Prescription Guidelines - Australian Veterinary Association guidelines for dispensing prescription drugs. 


Microchipping - Read about why it's important to have your pet microchipped. 



 Nutrition for Dogs - read about the key to a good balanced diet for puppies and dogs. 

Nutrition for Cats - read about the key to a good balanced diet for kittens and cats. 

Osteoarthritis - read about what osteoarthritis is and what causes it. 

Parasitic prevention and treatment - read about what parasites you need to treat your pets against. 

Greyhounds and anaesthesia - read about idiosyncrasies in greyhounds that can affect anaesthesia.