Annual Health Checks and Vaccinations

Annual health checks are vital to monitor and detect any problems that may arise during the year.

During this visit, the vet will carry out a thorough physical examination to check for any pre-existing or developing conditions. 

Our vets are happy to answer and address any concerns relating to teeth, weight, behaviour, skin or any other issues your pet may have.

Annual health checks with our vets encourage a long, healthy and happy life for your family pet.

Sometimes diagnostic tests such as a blood or urine test may be required to assess your pet’s internal organs and provide us with information on how they are functioning. If changes are detected in the body or your pet’s health status, we can begin a treatment plan before the condition worsens.


Our ongoing vaccination protocol is then as follows (as per the guidelines provided by the Australian Veterinary Association):

  • 15 months of age - C5 booster vaccination and heartworm injection (SR-12).
  • Annually - Annual Health check, Kennel Cough vaccination (KC) & Heartworm Injection (SR-12).
  • 3 Yearly (Tri-annually) - C3 Vaccination against Distemper, Hepatitis & Parvovirus.