Radiographs, or xrays, offer vets a non-invasive way to look at what is happening on the inside of your pet. 

Radiographs are an excellent tool is diagnosing fractures, osteoarthritis, spinal problems, dislocations and bone cancer.

They can also be used to monitor healing fractures or to ensure orthopaedic surgeries have been successful.

Radiographs can also help us diagnose and monitor many conditions. 

Xrays are also used in dentistry to assess what is happening to the roots of teeth underneath the gum line. This helps us to better diagnose dental issues in your pet.

What happens to my pet when they are booked in for an xray?

Most of our patients are admitted into hospital for the whole day to have routine radiographs taken.

Radiographs are safe for your pet and are normally conducted while they are under a deep sedation. 

Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital is equipped with high-quality digital radiograph equipment, and all xrays are stored in a cloud database to be viewed on any computer in the hospital. 

Once the radiographs have been processed, your vet will show you the images and discuss your pet’s diagnosis and treatment plan in a discharge appointment.