Skin treatments

Your dog’s skin is a good indicator of overall health. Healthy skin in a pet is just as important as your skin health is to you. Issues with itch increase in Spring and it's important to treat it early to avoid it becoming a more serious problem.

Itchy skin is most commonly caused by parasites like fleas, skin infections or allergies.

Allergic skin disease is often a life-long condition that needs to be managed with long term medication. Pet owners can choose between steroid and non-steroid treatment options. Whilst steroids like cortisone can be cheaper, can they have many long-term side effects such as increased risk of infections, hair loss, muscle wastage and weight gain. Luckily there are steroid-free alternatives.

So, is that just a normal itch or is your dog trying to tell you something?

If your dog has allergic itchy skin, speak to us at Port Vets today about making the switch to a steroid-free treatment option.